Russian Manicure 

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The Russian Manicure-

Online Class

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What will you Learn?

  • How to create flawless natural nails for yourself and your clients with this course.
  • Correct use of the E-File and cuticle bits.
  • How to properly align the nail plate of any nail to create a natural apex and balance out the nail.
  • You will also be able to create structure for your clients with longer nails without the use of hard gel.
  • Learn how to exfoliate cuticles with scissors and bits.
  • Learn how to do a nail repair with PolyGel
  • Perfectly Polish the nail with Candice's signature Flawless Polish method!

* You will also receive a discount on all Nail Supplies.

*Have access to the Private Facebook Group to continue learning!


1) 6 month access to my Online Russian Manicure Class refresh your knowledge and continue learning after the in person class! ($549 value FREE)
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