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Our Mission

"To empower the nail tech to strive for excellence, improve their skills and grow their business to make profit."

No Nail Tech should be Struggling!

What to expect

Mind blowing business content, cutting edge nail techniques taught in person and onliine. Digital products to start and grow your business will also be available.

Bed of Nails Academy will be updated constantly to keep you informed of the latest technology in the nail industry. Consider us your Daily News when it comes to cutting edge techniques and skills that will better your nail services.

Bed of Nails Academy was founded by Candice Idehen.

In her 11 years of experience as a Nail Technician and Business owner, Candice has traveled the world doing nails and touching the hands of some of the worlds most famous people.  Candice always noticed a disconnect in Nail Education, Business Education as well as a lack of Continuing Education for Nail Technicians in the nail industry.

The need for a Nail School that taught Nail Techs not only how to do nails but also grow their business was needed. It’s not enough to know how to do banging nails but then not know how to grow your business and plan for your future. Or graduate from nail school and not have a place to go to improve your skills or learn new and updated techniques.

This is why Bed of Nails Academy was born. Candice’s love for business, nails as well as helping others forged the love child that is Bed of Nails Academy.

No Nail Tech Should be Struggling to Grow!

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